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APEN's Environmental Justice Vision and Agenda

In 2007, APEN developed a 5-year strategic plan to help us retool our strategies and allocate resources to best take advantage of upcoming political opportunities. The core of APENís 5-year strategic plan focused on a clear environmental justice vision for our communities. This EJ vision will shape the pro-active solutions of our EJ policy agenda, which will guide how we choose our next organizing and policy campaigns.

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To develop a vision that is true to our communities and an agenda that successfully moves us forward, all of APEN are participating in this key process.

Two convergences of APENís staff, leaders, board members and key allies to develop our EJ vision and agenda is planned for this Spring and a final agenda will come out in early fall.

First Retreat

Our primary goal is to mark a vision for our communities 50 years out. It will be informed by major economic, environmental and political shifts in the landscape, and a look at innovative solutions that can meet the needs of our communities.

Second Retreat

We will outline an EJ policy agenda that moves us to realize the vision we developed from retreat #1. The EJ policy agenda will identify our own innovative solutions that match our communityís needs, as well as look at opportunities to get us there.

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