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Asian Pacific American Climate Coalition
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We are building the statewide APA Climate Coalition to engage California APA communities to be at the table in defining climate policy and programs. With our growing power and the threat of climate catastrophe especially on low-income communities of color, we will influence the legislature and electorate on how our cities are built, how public funding gets prioritized, and help shape a new greener economy. We answer the urgent call for climate action.

APEN Policy Agenda: Healthy, Green, and Just Communities

  • Healthy, Vibrant Neighborhoods: Land use policy, community & economic development that builds green, walkable, affordable, culturally vibrant neighborhoods that lift up the existing community to thrive.

  • Clean Air, Healthy Communities: Pollution reduction and a transition to alternative energy to benefit climate and public health.

  • Green Economy and Green Jobs: A just transition for workers and communities to an economy that meets community needs, provides quality living-wage jobs, is good for the environment, and provides opportunities for all.

  • Democratic Participation / People Power: Those most impacted by the economic and environmental crises are able to fully engage in the decisions that affect their lives and hold governments accountable to community interests.

Download the membership form (PDF)

To join or for other membership questions, contact: Torm Nompraseurt, State Organizer, torm@apen4ej.org or (510)834-8920.