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Housing and Urban Development Report: One In Five APA’s Faces Housing Discrimination (Asian Week: January 29, 2004)

County Tries Multilingual Warning System (Washington Post: December 8, 2003)

Girl’s Shooting Death Stuns Richmond (San Francisco Chronicle: October 15, 2003)

Oakland Moves To Sue Landlord Over Evictions (San Francisco Chronicle: July 16, 2003)

Council Threatens Chinatown Landlord (Oakland Tribune: July 16, 2003)

City Seeks to Delay Eviction of Elderly (Oakland Tribune: July 11, 2003)

The Clock Ticks Toward July 31 Eviction Date (Asian Week: July 10, 2003)

Chinatown Evictions Disrupt Elderly Community (Street Spirit: July 2003)

Chinatown Residents Fight To Keep Homes (San Francisco Chronicle: June 26, 2003)

City Urged to act in stopping Chinatown Evictions (Oakland Tribune:June 25, 2003)

Chinatown Evictions Roil Oakland (Los Angeles Times: June 24, 2003)

Evicted Elderly Tenants get Hope (Oakland Tribune: June 22, 2003)

Chinatown Tenants ask to Stay (Oakland Tribune: May 20, 2003)

Women Break Barriers for Toxic-Spill Safeguard (San Jose Mercury News: May 18, 2003) Laotian immigrants organize to win multilingual warnings.

Big Award to Leadership Program for Laotian Girls (San Francisco Chronicle: April 13, 2000)

The Price of Power (East Bay Express: March 24, 2000)
Resurgent Richmond is finally beginning to feel the effect of the Bay Area's economic boom, but after a year of refinery accidents and escalating fuel prices one fact remains clear: No matter how many outposts of the new economy take root in the city, Richmond is, and always will be, about oil.

Multilanguage Warning System (San Francisco Chronicle: September 29, 1999)
Contra Costa will expand telephone disaster alerts.

Language Barrier Cited in Warning Calls (The West County Times: September 28, 1999) Contra Costa will study adding Laotian to its emergency phone-message system for disasters.

Refinery Emergency Sirens are Tested (San Francisco Chronicle: August 5, 1999)

Educating Their Elders (San Francisco Chronicle: Friday, June 4th, 1999)
Younger Laotians explain refinery dangers in a language their families can understand.

Poisonous Gas Released Out of Chevron Oil Refinery: Residents Criticize Government's Contingency Plan as Perfunctory (Sing Tao Daily: June 3, 1999)

Smell from Chevron Refinery Unnerves Richmond Residents (The Oakland Tribune: June 3, 1999)

Activists Irate at Chevron's Leak Secrecy (San Francisco Examiner: June 3, 1999)
Refinery didn't tell county officials of sulfur emission for several hours.

Laotian Americans Rally for Multi-Lingual Warnings (Asian Week: May 6-12, 1999)

Students' Call to Davis: Stop Trying to Save 187 (Asian Week: April 29-May 5, 1999)

Warnings Miss Some Groups (The West County Times: April 20, 1999)
Laotian project says messages that alert residents to accidents should be broadcast in several languages.

Davis' Stand on 187 Stirs Protest (The West County Times: April 17, 1999)
Immigrants, activists say they feel betrayed by the governor's wish to arbitrate, not fight, a law that bans services for illegals.

Protecting the Poor From Toxics (San Francisco Chronicle: April 12,1999)
Contra Costa weighs environmental justice.

Group Marks Five Years of Improving Environment (Asian Week: March 11-17, 1999)

Opinion: Towards a Better Environment (Asian Week: March 11-17, 1999)

Three Low-income Areas Found Unduly Burdened (The West County Times: March 9, 1999)
A study says that Asian Pacific Islander neighborhoods have an undue number of health and service problems.

The Asian Pacific Environmental Network Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Founding (Sing Tao Daily: March 6, 1999)

Developing New Voices for Social Change (The Oakland Tribune: March 4, 1999)

Toxic Avengers (San Francisco Bay Guardian: April 15,1998)
The poverty-stricken Laotian community in toxin-laden Richmond is fight back - thanks to a handful of teenage girls.